Poems from the Year 4 Writing Afternoon

The Treasure Hunt by EN

“Hey Jerry, Mark, Spencer should we try and find some treasure,” shouted Ben “yes” replied Spencer. So the 4 boys cycled to Fog beach and Mark brought his metal detector. Jerry brought 3 spades. 


After 2 hours they had finally found 20 bars of gold but Ben looked around and saw a sign that said theft prohibited “guys look” Ben whispered “but where would we hide it all?” asked Jerry” I have an idea we could hide it in the sand “said Mark “done “said Jerry.


So they set of back  home. Back to school and they planned their next trip.   


The elves were planning a surprise for Santa. They wanted to give him a treat to say thank you for bringing gifts to the world and making everyone smile on Christmas Day. So they had a secret meeting.

“Let’s have a Christmas party with all his favourite food,” said one of the elves.

“Great idea, but where would we hide it all?” said another. “What about Santa’s office?” 

So they kept Santa away and set up the special party. When they had finished, they brought Santa in and he was DELIGHTED when he saw the feast. They partied into the night.

The Toy Shop Robbers by GB

It was Christmas Eve and I was shopping with my Mum. I was bumbling along behind Mum, thinking of what surprises tomorrow might bring, when I heard the shrill of the alarm at Mr Pickwick’s toy shop.


Two men came running out and I overheard one say to the other “but where would we hide it all?”. The other man replied “we’ll hide it down in the sewer. No one will ever look there”.


The police arrived and they surrounded the toy shop. I was breathing deeply and shaking, but I knew I had to tell them what I had heard.

The Christmas Presents by LM

“It’s Christmas!” cried Holly the princess unicorn rubbing her hooves together. She loved the thought of Santa coming to her home.


Her father was worried “I don’t know what to buy her” she said. “We’ve given her all she wants. What are we going to do?” Then they had a lightbulb moment;


“I’ve had a wonderful idea! We could get her all the glitter she needs to make her magical for the rest of her life!” said her mother.


“But where would we hide it all?” asked her father.


“It’s magic of course! We can make it appear on Christmas day”.



X Marks the Spot by MT

“Shore ahead”  Blackbeard shouted with a huge smile on his face.  He danced a victory dance as he had been searching for this land for many months.  His crew raised  imaginary glasses in the air “Cheers”.


He gazed into the dirty crumpled treasure map with a twinkle in his eye and a gleeful smile.


268 steps north.  1024 steps west.  561 steps east.

 X marks the spot.


The worn out sweaty grubby crew yelped , their skin tingling.  A chest full of ruby’s, diamonds and more sparkled  in the light.


Blackbeard rub his hands  “Now where will we hide it all?”

The King’s Gold by GJL

Once there lived a poor family they had no money or food, they were very sad. One day a mighty king was riding past on his huge horse the family spotted the shine of all the gold hanging round the king’s neck, “let’s kill the king and take all his gold, we will be forever rich” cried a family member “but where would we hide it all?” said another member

Deep in the forest the family began to dig holes and filled the holes with all the king’s jewellery…as the family covered the holes with dirt little green shoots appeared and in front of their eyes vegetables began to grow, “a never-ending source of veg!” shouted the family so happy that they would never go hungry again.

The Big Question by MR

The friends were bored and were slumped in the living room.  Ellie jumped up and said “let’s explore the attic”.  The friends nodded excitedly and sped up the stairs to the attic.  The door creaked open, the attic was as dark as night.  Alice tripped over a box and found a treasure map.  They followed the map into the garden, everyone started digging. Suddenly Ellie found an old chest with vines sticking out of it.  They opened the chest and, with a gasp of wonder, saw it was full of diamonds.  The big question was, where would they hide it all?


Sam had been entered to attempt his Grade 1 exam at the renowned Grand House.

On arrival at the Grand House, Sam felt anxious. This was his first music exam.

Sam was early so he decided to explore. As he walked into the colossal hallway he heard voices.

 “Once we have the treasure, where would we hide it all?”

 “How about inside the grand piano’’.

Sam felt a surge of excitement. Had he uncovered a plot to steal antiques from the Grand House?

At that moment, Sam heard his name being called. It was time for his Grade 1 exam.